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On request we can help you by the organization the transfer from and to the airport Kalamata.
Please check your arrival time with us individually!

• Flight to Athens, then drive approximately 280 km to Kalamata (highway) about 3 hours
• from Kalamata to the destination 50 km (coastal road) about 1 hour

Direct flights to Kalamata can be found in Germany (Düsseldorf, Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich), Austria (Vienna),
the Netherlands (Amsterdam) and from England (London Stansted).

From February to November numerous direct flights are offered to Kalamata.
From November to February, some days in a week you will find flights from Thessaloniki to Kalamata,
and a lot of flights from European cities to Thessaloniki.

• with Aegean Air from Düsseldorf / Munich
• with Air Berlin and Niki (usually as a fork from several German airports via Munich or Vienna)
• with Condor from Frankfurt
• Ryan Air to London Stansted, then direct flight (Easyjet / Smartwings) from London to Kalamata

Traveling by car from Italy (Trieste, Venice, Ancona, Bari and Brindisi) to Patras.
From Patras to the destination, it is about 260 km (highway) about 5 hours via Messinia / Kalamata.