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Well, the well-known little-wise - but as you see,
we write it very legibly and magnificently!
With these terms and conditions and the described regulations,
we would like to avoid misunderstandings in mutual interest

With a completed booking of the holiday house the guest / tenant accepts these terms and conditions.

Terms and Conditions (GTC)
and revocation instruction
Villa Oleander and Villa Donna villas
Kalokeri Villas - 24004 Koroni - Greece

1. Booking: The guest accommodation contract is considered concluded when the provision of a holiday home is named by the guest or the following tenant, and has been confirmed by Kalokeri Villas, represented by Mr. Ralf Valentin Volker Zöller, hereinafter referred to as the "Landlord" And the requested deposit has been paid by the tenant in due time. The confirmation shall be effected in writing, by mail or by e-mail. For short-term bookings and on special request, telephone confirmations are also accepted. The guest accommodation contract obliges tenants and landlords to comply and only comes into being between landlord and tenant, as well as the accompanying persons. An unauthorized accommodation of foreign overnight guests is punished with immediate notice and triple daily rent. In detail the following rights and obligations arise from the guest accommodation contract.
1a. Internet booking: The tenant's booking is valid by sending the booking confirmation (e-mail, postal) by the landlord, unless a correction is made within 24 hours. The booking is adjusted by the landlord with the free capacities. A confirmation of booking is then issued. This is communicated to the tenant by e-mail, or, if desired, by post, and is marked as in section 1, together with the details of the tenant, 2. On the part of the landlord the booking is only binding upon receipt of the written confirmation and payment of the down payment.
2. Obligations of the landlord: The landlord undertakes to provide the guest with the holiday house in perfect condition according to legal regulations or customary practices. It is obligated to provide the guest with a different accommodation if he is not able to provide the promised accommodation despite confirmation. The landlord also undertakes to rent the reserved holiday house as soon as possible if the tenant is unable to fulfill the contract and refund a possible damage reduction in whole or in part within 14 days.
3. Duties of the tenant: The tenant is obligated to provide the lessor with his / her full name, residential address, ID number and nationality. If the tenant withdraws from the contract prior to the start of the stay or leaves earlier or earlier than agreed, he is obligated to pay the landlord the agreed rental price less the landlord for the days when he does not use the reserved holiday house own costs. The tenant is obligated to pay the contracted services, the agreed upon or normal operating price, minus the expenses saved by the landlord. The tenant has to pay the calculated amount for the duration of the contract until the quota has been allocated elsewhere. Detailed information in the note "Cancellation conditions".
4. Payments: It is not possible to pay locally with EC / Maestro or credit cards. 20% of the rental period is payable within 5 days after confirmation of reservation - (the tenant receives no partial invoice). The remaining balance is due 56 days before arrival. The invoice will be issued upon arrival.
Bank account of the landlord you will recieve with the booking confirmation.
5. Cancellation conditions: If the guest cancellates up to 56 days prior to arrival, the deposit is reimbursed minus a processing fee of 45 €. For cancellations made less than 56 days prior to arrival, the amount paid will be reimbursed minus a processing fee of  45 €, if other rental is still possible. The landlord can rent out to another tenant, the unused holiday house, for the same or longer period and the same rental sum. If no new rental takes place, 10% of the amount paid will be reimbursed within 14 days after the end of the original rental period. In the case of non-arrival, the tenant has no claim for compensation for the unused tenancy days. The landlord advises the tenant to protect himself against the costs associated with a cancellation, by the conclusion of a travel cancellation insurance.
6. Cancellation right of the lessor: The right to rescind the contract is in case of non-return the confirmation of booking within 14 days, in the case of non-payment or non-payment of the deposit. In such cases, the landlord has no obligation to consult the guest.
7. Check-in: Check-in times: From 2:00 pm till 8:00 pm or by prior arrangement. On days, on
Where the landlord has no guest exchange, the arrival time can also be individually discussed. Should the guest have any delays in the arrival time stated to the landlord, he is obliged to notify the landlord without delay.
7a. Departure: On the day of departure, the holiday house should be cleaned up as far as 10:00 am and handed over to the landlord or a commissioner. On days when the landlord does not have a change of guests, the departure time can also be arranged individually. Should the guest leave without a proper departure, further costs could occur in case of a subsequent necessary contact. Any further agreements are possible at any time.
7b. Arrival and departure: Should the tenant have neither been registered nor registered, or announce an early departure, the landlord has the right to immediately vacate the rented property for another lease. In the following, the above-mentioned regulations apply in pont 5.
8. Prices and credits: The overnight stays plus final cleaning fee are charged during the rental period. Which services have been agreed at what prices, can be found in the description of services provided by the landlord and can be found on the website www.kalokeri-villas.com and the corresponding information in the booking confirmation. For a rental all additional costs such as water / waste water, electricity (exception from November to March), waste disposal etc. are included in the rent. The final cleaning costs are to be paid in principle and irrespective of the length of the rental period. Possibly additional services, such as additional cleaning periods or firewood, are charged separately by the tenant.
9. Special features: Smoking is not permitted within the holiday house. The landlord explicitly points out the characteristics (among other things the very natural area - in summer very dry area) of the holiday house. Open fire is not allowed from May to October. Candles are to be used only in specially designed holders and under control. The tenant has to take care that no animals and vermin can enter the house through unattended open doors / windows. Other guests may be allergic persons, for whom animal hair (for example of cats) is a very high health risk. Use of facilities such as balconies, swimming pool, garden, stairs and sidewalks are at your own risk. Children are constantly under the supervision due to the slope of the property, the numerous stairs, the high walls, the swimming pool / spa and the balconies.
10. Liability: Damage caused by the guest in and around the house will usually result in a liability insurance for the guest; The tenant named in the booking confirmation, is liable for all accompanying persons. If there is no liability insurance, the guest is personally liable for the damage incurred. The rental is done with complete inventory including crockery. The lessee undertakes to treat the rented property together with the inventory carefully and to report any damage caused by his fault to the lessor and to replace it with money or replacement services. After the end of the rental period, the holiday house together with the inventory must be handed over in the same state as the move-in. The landlord assumes no liability whatsoever for possible accidents in the house or on the property. The liability of the landlord is otherwise excluded, insofar as the leased property is impaired by force majeure, official arrangement / requirements or not by the construction of the rented property of the landlord by construction measures or sound immissions etc. This exclusion of liability does not apply if any impairments are caused by intent or gross negligence on the part of the lessor or his agents. Liability for damage to the property of the tenant caused by defects of the rented property is excluded, unless the damages are caused by intent or gross negligence of the landlord or his agent. Any liability of the landlord, which is not attributable to willful intent or gross negligence, is limited to the right of the lessee to reduce the rent and is limited by the agreed rental price. The assertion of consequential damages is excluded. The landlord is not liable for loss or damage to entered items of any kind, including cars. The landlord warrants that the rented property is freely and basically habitable for the agreed rental period at the agreed rental period. Minor defects which do not materially affect the contractual use of the rented property (eg missing parts of the equipment, minor uncleanliness, occasionally short-term failures of the electricity or water supply, failure of technical equipment, etc.) To rent pricing or claims for damages. Defects of the rented property, which permanently reduce their use, entitle the tenant to levy rent if he has previously notified the landlord or his agent of these defects, has called for rectification of the defect and the defect has not been remedied within a reasonable period of time. In case of an emergency, the landlord is allowed to enter the property at any time. If a repair is necessary, the tenant will be notified in advance. A right of inspection results from the duty of cleaning and can be exercised without prior notice. Any prospectus liability or international liability is excluded in any form
11. Security deposit: The pre-demanded deposit serves to cover the costs of rent damages. The agreed deposit of 200,00 EUR (can also be higher at the discretion of the landlord, for example in the case of a longer rental period) can be deposited on the arrival day by cash payment or before arrival in the account mentioned above (receipt at the latest 2 days before arrival). The reimbursement is made within 14 days after the departure of the hirer to a named bank account, provided that the rented property has been handed over to the landlord without fault. Damages incurred during the rental period (including, among other things, a greatly increased cleaning effort) are offset against the amount of the deposit. In the case of damages exceeding the amount of the security, no refund will be made, instead a further claim will be made to the tenant for the further compensation of the damage.
12. House Rules: The tenant has to take care of himself and his fellow travelers, that disturbances of other guests are avoided. The night rest period is from 10 pm. Photographing other guests is not permitted without their consent. During the day, noise disturbances caused by music (also TV) and the like should be limited to a non-disturbing volume measure (only to be heard in the respective holiday house of a few meters). A warning may be given in case of violation of the house rules. If there are repeated violations, an immediate termination can be issued. In this case, the above cancellation conditions will take effect.
13. Data protection: Personal data of the hirer are only collected within the framework of the legal regulations. They are made available to third parties only to the extent that this is necessary to carry out the leasing (eg the Greek tax authority).
14. Jurisdiction: The court of jurisdiction is the place of work, ie the place where the holiday house is located and where the service is to be provided from the guest accommodation contract, in this case the court in Kalamata / Greece.
15. Salvator's Clause: Should one or more provisions of these General Terms and Conditions be or become invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. The ineffective provision shall be replaced by an effective one which is closest to the meaning of the invalid provision.
All offers are subject to change, errors and changes excepted

In addition, an open, direct conversation lets you manage everything.

- Cancellation policy for the tenant -
Right of revocation: The lessee can revoke the contract declaration within two weeks without giving reasons in text form (eg letter, e-mail). The period begins upon receipt of this instruction in text form, but not before the tenant has also been given a contract certificate, his written application or a copy of the contract or the application, and also not before conclusion of the contract, nor even before fulfilling our information requirements In accordance with Article 246 § 2 in conjunction with § 1 Paragraph 1 and 2 of the German Civil Code and the obligations of the lessor pursuant to § 312g Paragraph 1 Sentence 1 BGB in conjunction with Article 246 § 3 of the German Civil Code. The punctual sending of the revocation is sufficient to ensure the revocation period. The revocation must be sent to: Mr Ralf Valentin Volker Zöller, Vromrovresi Postbox 6106, GR - 24004 Koroni EMAIL: naturparadiesammeer@gmail.com Telephone: 0030 2725100007
Revocation sequences: In the case of an effective revocation, the services received at both ends must be returned. Obligations to reimburse payments must be fulfilled within 30 days. The period begins for the lessee with the sending of his declaration of revocation for the lessor with their receipt.
Special remarks: The right of revocation expires prematurely if the contract is completely fulfilled by both parties at your express request before the tenant has exercised his right of revocation. The revocation period shall be extended to one month if the prospective tenant has not already received a prospectus on the housing object prior to conclusion of the contract, the presence of the offer was not available on the Internet, or if the prospectus is not published in the language of the state to which the tenant belongs or in To whom he is domiciled. If the tenant is a citizen or a citizen of a Member State of the European Union or a Contracting State to the agreement on the European Economic Area, the prospectus shall be valid only if the lessee is bound by a prospectus in the official language or one of the official languages of his home country and have not received this prospectus.
-- End of revocation --