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Feel constricted by the constraints of civilization,
The norms and the social values?

You know the liberating feeling of nakedness
In connection with nature?
Would you like to get to know, experience and enjoy it?
Kalokeri Villas offers this possibility,
but does not compel it!

The joy of experiencing being naked in the midst of nature,
Without seeing the nakedness as an expression of sexuality.


Naturism, according to the International Naturist Federation, has been defined as follows from the world congress of 1974 in Cap d'Adge, according to the self-understanding of the followers of a naked way of life:
"This way of life is expressed in the nakedness, connected with self-respect, as well as respecting the other minds and the environment. Nudity is an essential characteristic of naturism, which fully evaluates the natural elements sun, air and water. Naturalism restores the physical and psychological balance by bringing relaxation in a natural environment through movement and respect for the basic principles of health and nutritional teachings. Complete nudity is the most appropriate 'suit' to make a return to nature and is certainly the most visible aspect of naturism, even if it is not the only one. It has a balancing effect on people by relieving them of tensions caused by taboos and provocations of today's society, and the way to a simpler, healthier, more human way of life. "